UI design for iOS remote gift purchasing app
Diet tracking mobile app to control hypertension
ID Manager
UX and visual design for iOS network management app
City Trail
UX and visual design for Android and smart watch app
High-fidelity activity tracking mobile app
Migration Visualization
State to state migration flows in 2012
Fridge Alert
High-fidelity mobile app prototype for managing groceries
UI design for iOS micro-volunteering app

Hi! I'm Marjan, a designer interested in applying human-centered design methodologies to emerging technologies. After graduating from UC Berkeley School of Information, I've been working as a UX consultant and I recently attended an intensive design bootcamp where I honed my UI design skills working on mobile and web interfaces for clients. My background in psychology and sociocultural anthropology informs the empathy that's integral to every position I've held. I look forward to bringing this toolset to a design role at your company.

When I'm not designing, I like making greeting cards or going hiking. Drop me a line; I'd love to meet you.

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E-Mail: marjan [at]

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