ID Manager

A mobile app that allows easy issuance of login credentials for temporary network users

SKILLS: Work flow diagramming, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, Heuristic evaluation, Usability testing, Visual design, Icon design

TOOLS:,, Photoshop, Illustrator

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The Problem

How might we enable the employee to register guest and personal devices and grant temporary access to their organization's Wi-Fi network in a quick and easy manner?

Task Flow

The app was meant to support two use cases:

     i) Employees issuing network credentials for guests

     ii) Employees issuing network credentials for themselves to be used on their other devices

I started with a basic high level task flow diagram:


Sketching & Paper Prototyping

Based on the identified task flow, I made some sketches and created a high level paper prototype.

Low-fidelity Prototype

Using Fluid UI, I quickly brought the screens to life. This low-fidelity yet functional prototype allowed me to test it with users and gather feedback.

See the full prototype ▸


Detailed Task Flow

Based on the feedback received on the prototype, I made some modifications and created a more detailed task flow diagram to help me with the next iteration of design.

Visual Design

The color palette for the app was chosen from the company's main color palette.


Using Adobe Illustrator, I created several icons. The icons used in the final version of the app were chosen from this set.


High-fidelity Prototype

The final screens were designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I used InVision to make the screens interactive.

Final screens, icons, and design specs were then given to the the developers to develop the application.

See the demo ▸

Login Page
ID manager app can only be used by Aerohive Network's clients; thus the users need to log in on the first screen. arrow
timeline-bw timeline
Remembering Email
For security purposes, the app will offer remembering the email but not the password. arrow
Home Page
The user can choose one of the two possible tasks from the home page. arrow
activities-bw activities
Previous Keys
Previous keys issued by the user can also be accessed from the home page as long as they are not expired. arrow
Input Type
We considered including a QR code reader as an easier way of inputting guest information. arrow
menu-bw menu
QR Code Scanner
This page was not included in the first version of the app because research showed that QR code business cards are not yet very common. arrow
Access Key
Issued access key will both appear on the screen and be emailed to the user/guest. arrow
friends-bw friends
Send SMS
Access key can also be sent via text message. arrow