Instagram Lists

High-fidelity Prototype Conceptualizing a List Feature for Instagram IOS App

SKILLS: Interaction design, Prototyping

TOOLS: Sketch, Origami Studio


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps with hundreds of millions of daily active users. Many of the users follow hundreds of accounts including friends, family members, celebrities, favorite brands and businesses. Lists allow users to organize the accounts they follow into categories and filter their feed based on the categories they have created.

Lists helps users easily access relevant information and lowers the chance of missing important content.

Lists allows the company to display more customized/relevant advertisements to the users based on the topic they are currently exploring.


  • The following prototype depicts major interactions and displays how Lists feature fits in with the current design of Instagram iOS app.
  • The design of this feature closely follows established Instagram UI and interaction patterns.
  • Switching between lists resembles switching between multiple accounts.

Further Considerations

  • Lists are private and only visible to the user.
  • Any account could be saved to more than one list.
  • Lists can be empty; users are not required to add accounts to the list upon creation.
  • Detailed interactions such as renaming or deleting lists as wells as empty and error states are not included in the prototype.